Home screen

July 21, 2013

Simple home screen/ dashboard displaying a list of saved "spots" that the user would have. Currently eligible ones would float to the top and show max. hourly limit. Icons were used to be considerate of WCAG cases so it wasn't complete...

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Add a spot

July 19, 2013

Here's an "in action" shot of the "add a spot" screen for my app - Spot. Taking the location automatically, all you need to do is put in the basic information about the parking spot and save it. Best viewed @2x, see attached for pixels!...

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Add your first spot!

June 26, 2013

I've been slowly working away at my first iOS app but haven't really found the time to keep you guys posted.. but, here it is! Designed to be a straight forward and simple way to ___________________ . More shots to follow! Best viewed @2x