Oil Painting "Family Totem"

April 22, 2015

This oil painting (140x70cm) drawn to fulfill our home with good & protective energy. More about process view in attachment also: http://on.be.net/1zYd8sy

UpNorth logo

April 13, 2015

New visual identity for UpNorth Mountaineering Professionals Team. http://on.be.net/1CMFC6m

Balance Media Logo

April 02, 2015

Logo & Branding for Digital Media Company. My Instagram

Kitchen Empire Logo Design

March 31, 2015

Kitchen Empire it is an e-shop where you can buy tools and accessories for your kitchen. My Instagram

Citma Branding

December 08, 2014

Fresh New Look for Citma company! My Instagram

Way To Studio!

December 08, 2014

Few years ago I was driving home from studio, was really cold about -20°C below zero. So I thought - "Would be great to have something warm". Suddenly I started to imagine how my car becomes woolen, an everything around me becomes made o...

Business Association of Molėtai

August 28, 2014

This Brand was created for Business Association of Molėtai. Molėtai is the center of the district of 300 lakes and plenty of forests located in Lithuania. In logo you see letter "M" and "V". "M" - city of Molėtai. "V" is business because...

New Brand arrived "AndriusDesigner.com"!!!

December 27, 2013

Great news my Friend! Finally I compleeted my own Brand. See more how I get this amazing rezult :) http://bit.ly/JhHDm2 My Instagram