Testing future things

Testing Future Things app

November 21, 2017

Final touchable app testing :) Check out few rebounds: https://dribbble.com/shots/3960741-Future-Things-app-animation https://dribbble.com/shots/3946044-Tribute-to-a-haptic-bike My Instagram

Future things

Future Things app animation

November 20, 2017

First animated shot of the app about near-future concept studies of a high performance things. My Instagram

Tribute to a haptic. bike

November 14, 2017

App design for a near-future concept studies of a high performance things. Here is (e) bike created by Quinn Fitzgerald. My Instagram

Team cool

Agency Team Presentation ♥

October 27, 2017

Here is an example how you can interactive represent your team for mobile users! More fun on my Instagram

Parfume ux3

Expanding mini cart

October 04, 2017

Continue working on mobile shopping cart interaction set. Here you can see how looks expanding mini cart. Have an amazing day! :) More fun on my Instagram

Perfume ux

Add/remove from cart mobile interaction

September 29, 2017

Here is an idea how we can make Mobile Shopping experience a little bit more fun with expanding Add to Cart button, Scrollable quantity & Draggable unnecessary products from your cart. Extremely waiting for comments & suggestion...

Dribbble ok

Expanded Dribbble shots list

September 12, 2017

Continuing working on official Dribbble app improvement. Here is concept how we can expand main shots list. We can add here 3 or more latest authors works and a short description about him with follow button at the end with a nice tran...

Dribbble App Redesign

September 06, 2017

Hey! Started working on Dribbble Mobile App redesign. In this screen, I've made some visual improvements like icons, rounded borders, added light shadow and some space between cards, also updated Animated ".gif" icon. Now preparing Sk...