Andrew Hochradel Creative South 2019 by Andrew Hochradel

Creative South 2019 is right around the corner. This year, the gang is going gaming. We'll be your player 2. Toss in another quarter, hit start, and break out.

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Creative South 2019 - Logo

December 06, 2018

Rebounding off of the incomparable @Bob Ewing for this one. Each year, Creative South reinterprets his incredible lettering. I got to take a swing this year and pixel it up with some sexy shiny animation. If you're thinking of coming to...

Creative South 2018 - Startup

December 05, 2018

Worked on a little boot up screen for Creative South 2019. Our theme this year is Breakout and we're bringing in the speakers and workshops to help you level up. Tickets and hotels are on sale now at

Creative South 2019 - Breakout

December 04, 2018

Had the opportunity to do some pixel art and animation for the theme of Creative South this year: Breakout. This year, the gang is going gaming. If you can’t seem to land the perfect side quest, or you just got hit by a combo breaker, o...