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Aikonia shiny

2nd Year Anniversary Wallpaper

A new wallpaper we made for Aikonia's second year anniversary! Download it here: http://aikoniacomic.com/donate.php

August 15, 2012



Very basic stuff, I know. It's meant to represent locked goodies, see it in action here: http://aikoniacomic.com/donate.php (Hover transition done using css3)

February 09, 2012

Loupe shot 2012 02 07 at 1.35.20 am


Something I'm working on for the Aikonia website.

February 07, 2012


Pricing Table & Analytics

Enhanced the text in the button and changed the font. Better?

April 21, 2011

Loupe shot 2011 04 19 at 8.32.41 am

Pricing Table & Analytics

April 19, 2011

Shot 1281722313

Aikonia Footer

The Aikonia website footer, most of it is css. The button on the left is inactive while the one on the right is in hover state. The button in the center is i...

August 13, 2010

Shot 1281711589

Webcomic site header v3

Tried fixing the shadow, it's not AMAZING, but it's better than before I think. You can view it live here: http://www.aikoniacomic.com/ The ribbon has no but...

August 13, 2010

Shot 1281455938

Webcomic site header v2

Fixed the shadow under the fold on the left and changed the logo's font. The site is coded now and the navigation links are placed, the "About" link is in ho...

August 10, 2010