Andrea Hoerndler saft by Andrea Hoerndler

we were making a project for a juice producer in Linz, called "saft", we´ve done the illustrations, the logo, website, packaging, a folder and photographs.

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juice label

February 24, 2016

last shot for now, from the juice project "saft" the labels, seperated, like they on the bottles now :).

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juice mat

February 23, 2016

This is a "juice" mat, one side is handwritten like you write your drinks down on your mat in bars and on the other side is an artwork from the artist flix from venezuela (represented on the biennale di venezia 2015)

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Juice Bottles

February 22, 2016

these are the bottles from the "saft" project, rhabarbar, apple and quitte :)

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juice illustrations

February 19, 2016

Some of my illustrations for the juice label saft.

fruit juice flyer

February 18, 2016

The finished print part for the label saft.