Battle Lab - Specimen Control Panel

January 24, 2019

As a Battleologist, your primary responsibility is conducting combat training for specimens that have undergone genetic mutations. To do this, you need a constant stream of data regarding the specimen's vitals and abilities. That is wher...

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3 Minute Journal App Screens

August 03, 2018

Mobile screen views of a concept journaling app created in the Lab.

Tea Logo

February 13, 2018

Logo for an app I am working on in the lab. The app helps you stay informed about the ethics of the companies you are purchasing your makeup from. Pretty excited about the current direction for the brand. #KeepTeaGreen #WeveGotReceipts ...

TUNA Website

December 06, 2017

We recently participated in the ProductHunt Hackathon throughout November and have been working on the front-facing website in tandem with the product itself. TUNA enables music to be searched, queued and played - in sync - at any numbe...

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