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B for bakery wheat bread explorations logo design by alex tass

B for Bakery letter mark / logo design symbol

Another exploration for the logo design symbol of a bakery which name happens to start with a B. Starting from wheat / cereals and having a small hidden some...

July 31, 2015

Momentum dynamic logo design by alex tass

Momentum dynamic logo design animated [GIF]

Another direction for the dynamic logo design created for Momentum, a platform for developing interfaces. What do you think? Visit my portfolio website www...

July 30, 2015

Open uri20150729 3 1v56xwc

Artificial intelligence AI IT assistant logo design symbol

I am working on a new logo design focused on an artificial intelligence assistant character. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com

July 29, 2015

Open uri20150728 3 9944oq

Stairs (negative space) & S V monogram startups logo design

A logo design exploration, an SV monogram combined with stairs in the negative / positive space, created for a startups related project. Visit my portfolio ...

July 28, 2015

Open uri20150727 3 6oxr4b

ShowSell word mark / logotype / logo design

Custom made typography, logo design / word mark / logotype proposal created for ShowSell, a project focused on communication, art and marketing. Visit my po...

July 27, 2015