2016 most popular dribbble shots / logos

December 29, 2016

It's that time of the year when we draw the line and check the results, so, I will share with you my most popular shots uploaded this year. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com/ See you in 2017! :) --- Shots included: - G f...

B letter mark / geometric shapes / triangles logo design symbol

December 16, 2016

Exploration for a new logo design symbol, a geometric B letter mark. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com/

Drawing a monkey logo design symbol, 30 variations GIF

December 15, 2016

30 shades of monkey, 30 explorations for this logo design symbol showing a modern / tech, abstract, geometric monkey. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com

Cat + Z letter, logo design symbol [GIF]

December 13, 2016

9 cats, 9 lives, 9 variations for this cat and Z letter as tail concept. Unused. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com/

Letter M, Mountain, Mindfulness, letter mark / logo design

December 12, 2016

I am working on a mindfulness project with a name that starts with M so I have created this letter mark also thinking about a mountain and the vision and clarity you get when you reach the top of it. Visit my portfolio website http://al...

Heart, crown, flower, logo design symbol

December 09, 2016

I am working in collaboration with Webmark studio on a logo design for a premium dating website based in Luxembourg. This abstract concept shows a heart with a crown arranged in the shape of a flower. The top part can also be interprete...

AM, geometric monogram / logo design symbol

December 08, 2016

Logo design mark exploration based on the letters A and M. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com/

K, colorful letter mark / logo design symbol

December 07, 2016

Logo design mark created a while ago for a personal project. Visit my portfolio website http://alextass.com/

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