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  1. Barthelemy Chalvet Barthelemy Chalvet We’re hiring Pro

    San Francisco
    Co-founder of AgenceMe. Clients include Uber, SendinBlue, Orange, Qonto... Work inquiries : https://www.agence-me.com...
  2. Marine Legrand Marine Legrand We’re hiring Pro

    Co-founder of AgenceMe. Clients include Uber, Sendinblue, LeCollectionnist, WP-rocket, AXA, Auchan, ENGIE, BlackPills...
  3. Léonard Chalvet Léonard Chalvet We’re hiring Pro

    I'm french front-end developer for AgenceMe. Currently, I'm working on a new exciting project !
  4. Claudia Carvalho Claudia Carvalho We’re hiring

    Junior Art Director @agenceme / before https://www.ohwee.fr/ / http://lacreme.fr/ and ex https://www.hetic.net/ stud...
  5. Alexis Prevost-Maynen Alexis Prevost-Maynen We’re hiring

    Rouen, France
    A developer who loves design. Curious, who tries something new with tools like Illustrator, After effect, ...

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