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by Michael Shanks

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Y r   gallery shot v2

Y&R - Gallery Shot v2

Thought i would update the Gallery Shot with the new version which you may have seen on an attachment. I have decided to use the same idea as Path's option ...

February 11, 2012

Y r   shopping cart open v2

Y&R - Shopping Cart Open v2

Made some minor changes based on feedback. * Price itself has been enlarged, the label has been decreased and left aligned to give more prominence on price ...

February 11, 2012

Y r   shopping cart open

Y&R - Shopping Cart Open

This is the last shot created so far. This is the first draft of how the Shopping Cart will appear once the user taps the button. Simples

February 09, 2012

Y r   search filter menu

Y&R - Search/Filter Menu

This image shows a small shot of the Search/Filter menu mentioned in the previous shot. I forgot to change the Search button to the active state to show th...

February 09, 2012

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Y r   navigation v3

Y&R - Navigation Final

So this is the final version of the main navigation and the sub nav. You will notice that there is a bar hiding underneath the top bar, this is the search b...

February 09, 2012

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Y r   shopping cart

Y&R - Shopping Cart

So after much care and thought i have changed how the sub navigation, checkout and shopping cart will work, so to cater for this the design has changed :) - ...

February 09, 2012

Y r   sub nav v2

Y&R - Sub Navigation v2

Made some minor changes to the top bar and navigation. I haven't changed much of the Sub Nav but i will do in time :) As you will notice there is now a new ...

February 08, 2012

Y r   navigation v2

Y&R - Navigation v2

I thought i would take on board some feedback about the font choice so i have changed the navigation font to Helvetica. I've also shrunk the top bar slightl...

February 08, 2012