Spotify iOS7 - Artist

January 02, 2014

For the artist screen i wanted to have all the same features as the iPhone version but since the iPad has more screen space it was important to take advantage of that and offer the same content. The real pixels have been attached and yo...

Spotify iOS7 - Search

January 02, 2014

For the search screens i wanted to keep the results and the way you search the same as the iPhone version but instead of loading a new screen i used the callout to display the results. The content within the callout can be scrolled but ...

Spotify iOS7 - Browse

December 31, 2013

After making a lot of redesigns for the iPhone i decided to begin making a few for iPad, as the Spotify redesign was my latest i started with that. The iPad as we know has a lot more real estate to play with and its important that the s...


Spotify - iOS7 Redesign

December 20, 2013

after finishing off my own concepts on Behance i decided that i should do my next redesign. for this one i chose Spotify as it was an app i used to use regularly and would love that i can find new music and bands to listen to. once i no...

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