Adam Whitcroft
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  1. 10 Mar
    Adam Whitcroft
    Commented on CS:GO Team logo

    @Elliot Jackson, @Steve Schoger, @Simon H. - Thanks for the feedback chaps, appreciate it. We're not going for an aggressive look here which is why I haven't included a snarl or teeth or anything but I do take your points :)

  2. 25 Feb
    Adam Whitcroft
    Commented on Notion branding

    Much better. It's instantly readable now.

  3. 13 Feb
    Adam Whitcroft
    Commented on Logotype

    I saw 'notion' after looking at it for a bit. I think you could get away with making the first 'n' a completed more recognisable shape, and leave the last 'n' obscured as is.