Polaroid Snap Touch Interface Peculiarities

June 13, 2019

Polaroid Snap Touch camera stands out from a number of competitors on the market due to its touch screen, but it is also this very touch screen that complicates the work of designers, as its technical abilities don't provide any gestures...

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Polaroid Snap Touch Camera Popups

June 06, 2019

Here's another example of how the interface designed by our agency look on Polaroid Snap Touch camera. We know that interaction with a device is a determinant of people's attitude towards the product, that's why we put emphasis not only ...

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Polaroid Snap Touch Camera — Gallery States

May 24, 2019

Working on the design of Polaroid Snap Touch Camera was a joyful, but challenging experience. Due to such peculiarities as small screen and technical restrictions, we had to be 👨‍🎨 creative in order to create a user-friendly environment ...

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera Screens

May 23, 2019

During our work on Polaroid Snap Touch Camera's interface, we had to deal with many difficulties, such as the interface's inability to support the majority of gestures and tricky peculiarities of the firmware, but our approach is that th...

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Polaroid Camera. Taking Photo

February 02, 2019

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera📷 has a touchscreen, and not only it serves for settings, but also it carries a function of a common camera viewfinder — when taking a photo, a person sees the view on the screen. This feature drives instant pho...

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Polaroid Camera Photobooth

February 01, 2019

Using Polaroid Snap Touch camera, people are able to choose a template and take a photo with it, which in some way reminds of a photo booth. We didn't want to create an individual screen for this function, as it would slow down the proce...

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Polaroid Camera Set Date Screen

January 31, 2019

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera does not support swiping 👆(or any other gestures but tapping), so we had to face a challenge of creating one in all: usable, modern-looking and understandable environment. This screen is a great example of our ...

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Polaroid Camera Error Popup

January 31, 2019

When designing, it's very important to think in advance: will the design fit well in the device? Will the colors match? Will the fonts look good when adjusted to the screen's size? We tried different shapes and sizes to find a perfect ma...

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