Golfburn 8

Golfburn - Profile

March 07, 2012

A brand new is currently being beta tested. Extremely excited to soon be releasing this new version full of improvements and upgrades.

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Golfburn 7

Favorite Golf Courses

January 11, 2012

Golfburn 4

Add a round wizard

December 01, 2011

Final version of the wizard for adding a new round.

Golfburn 3

Golfburn Add New Round Progress

November 25, 2011

Here's my take on a bit of a different way to show progress when adding a new round.

Golfburn 2

Golfburn activity stream

November 17, 2011

Activity broken down into: - friend requests - friend activity - course activity (not shown) Also changed the search bar from grey to white.


Golfburn Upgrades

November 16, 2011

Working on Phase 1 of updates to Golfburn. Version 2 will be rolled out early January.


Golfburn Profile Module

July 25, 2011

Main profile module from


Golfburn main navigation

July 25, 2011

Main navigation of