Data Duck Concept Sketch & Profile

October 07, 2020

Partially outlined, “unfinished” strokes, with easily identifiable expressions. Evokes a cute, affectionate, can-help-you-with-everything vibe

Data Duck Plushie Concept

October 07, 2020

Data Duck has now fully evolved from a simple rubber ducky. With this new iteration, our adorable and useful Data Duck is reborn, bringing delight to users of all ages.

Data Graph & Speed Test

October 07, 2020

Data Duck shows you your remaining data and speed. It conveys a range of emotions and expressions depending on different scenarios.

Data Duck Concept

October 07, 2020

Data Duck is a delighter on a Telco App in the Philippines, we've created a new concept that sports a ‘G’ hair twirl for cute, on-brand effect, still happily yellow, but now with a touch of blue. And He’s no data quack—he’s now more dyn...

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