Elisa Expressions

May 22, 2018

This is Elisa, a character that we created in @23 Design for La Huerta de Elisa. https://lahuertadeelisa.mx/

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La Huerta de Elisa

October 04, 2017

La Huerta de Elisa (Elisa's Orchid) is a startup that uses Mexican produce to make premium baby food. Our goal was to communicate the richness of Mexican values, incorporating traditional colors and illustrations without resorting to c...

Price selector

Price Selector 👈

September 26, 2017

I made this prototype to understand, how to use components in Principle. This Price selector is part of a product I was working on and right now is online ✌️ → Full product here ← ––– 🔪 Comment, like, bucket or share my shot :P

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La Huerta de Elisa 🍉

September 11, 2017

La Huerta de Elisa is Mexico’s first all-natural baby food company focused on native fruits, vegetables & grains. 🇲🇽 Comment, like, bucket or share my shot :P ––– Strategy and UI → Me Brand → @Guillermo Arrambide Illustrations @...