Fruit Festival

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  1. Ven Ven

    Fruits from the local farmer's market. A study on capturing the proper natural textures of each fruit and its components.

    See large attachment for closer look at textures.

    Watercolor and color pencil.

    about 1 year ago

  2. After doing a realism based study of the fruits (orange, pear, tomato), I decided to do a slightly different version of the same three - can you identify them?

    There are many other symbols, images, and themes woven in as well. I plan to color this soon with watercolor.



    about 1 year ago

  3. First, I studied the 3 fruits as they exist in reality.

    And now, I have finished totally deconstructing them in my mind.

    Tomato becomes a toadstool mushroom with a confused octopus sitting on top.

    Blood orange becomes a lava lamp in an upside down button mushroom merry-go-round .

    Pear becomes a tree nymph on an orb melting into an oyster mushroom whale.

    The R is a flipped flamingo.

    The golden O is a window back to reality.

    The N tears into the time space fabric.

    A brush is a door into this world.

    My self portrait, reflected in the eye.


    Watercolor and ink

    10 months ago

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