Macedonian contribution "Џ"

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  1. Daniel Janev Daniel Janev

    Macedonian support for this great font that @Indian designs.
    I had to modify between Bodoni and Times New Roman, something in between.
    First one is standard, but for freshness sake I made two more stylish and variations. This is more close to cursive variant.
    (please check next to last one)
    Ѓ and Ќ are with standard accent glyph.
    Keep up with great work and if you need anything else, just rebound :)


    over 1 year ago

  2. @Daniel Janev
    Well, since Џ is just a kind of our Ц — I'll use there the same pointed tail, just centered.

    Two variations at right are funny and expressive — but I suppose they are from the cursive.

    And this font is a precise historical reconstruction, I ought to follow its logic.

    I am aware of lacrymal tail also in usage. What's your opinion — which one is in use in these modern antiquas in your language? It will be great if you'll find the examples from XIX-th century.

    over 1 year ago

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