16-Bit Sprite Characters


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  1. Nate Voss Nate Voss

    These may never see the light of day, and I haven't posted in forever. Definitely based on Final Fantasy VI's amazing character art.

    over 1 year ago

  2. skfan skfan


    over 1 year ago

  3. Tyreil Poosri Tyreil Poosri

    I hope it does go on beyond this Dribbble shot!

    over 1 year ago

  4. Tyreil Poosri Tyreil Poosri

    Did you use pixen for this?

    over 1 year ago

  5. Nate Voss Nate Voss

    I did not, I used Photoshop and scaled-up those pixels to 400%. I was looking into Pixen because hey, that was a little bit of a hassle :D

    over 1 year ago

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