Djurgården logo redesign

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  1. Christian Andolf Christian Andolf

    About the club
    Djurgårdens IF is a Swedish sports club situated and founded in Stockholm 1891 who has a lot of departments but is mainly associated with football (or soccer in the US) and ice hockey.

    They currently hold the record for winning the highest league in ice hockey and are in the top 5 of football in terms of titles.

    About the logo
    The football team has jerseys with blue stripes (the team is also called "Blue Stripes") but both the hockey and football team have moved more towards red jerseys (as home or away). The original logo has the colors of red, yellow, blue and gold. I personally never liked the yellow color and since it's not used on any of the jerseys at the moment I decided to step away from it as well as the gold and try to streamline it more to match the blue stripes-persona. Also I tried to focus more on football department rather than hockey since I enjoy football more.

    "Stockholms stolthet" on the banner is Swedish for "Pride of Stockholm" which has been the slogan for years.

    over 1 year ago

  2. Nick Jarvis Nick Jarvis

    this is great. a much needed improvement!

    over 1 year ago

  3. Erik Holm Erik Holm

    'Stockholms stolthet' kunde du kanske droppat :)

    12 months ago

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