Seasons: Catering and Café

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  1. Jonathan Stephens Jonathan Stephens

    Fist go at a logomark for a catering company. The thought behind it is the menu and decorations of the café change seasonally. The aim behind the logo is to provide something very simple that could be manufactured differently for each season's theme.

    I chose Jessica Hische's Buttermilk for it's elegance and simplicity. It doesn't look as hand-writey as other scripts and not too too feminine. FF Meta is used as the tag line and would probably be used throughout materials. It's the antithesis of Buttermilk: strong, sturdy, etc.

    Feedback and input is welcome and wanted! Thank you!

    over 1 year ago

  2. Eric Guess Eric Guess

    This looks like a good foundation to build upon. I'd love to see this along with some seasonal theming. I think that's where this will really shine and bring the brand to life.

    On the Buttermilk type: I'm not completely sold on it. The thick and thin strokes, especially the thin ones on the lower case "s," just feels fragile to me. The uppercase "S" has almost the same feeling... that the ends could break off.
    Again, the addition of other design elements related to the seasons may make this stronger.

    over 1 year ago

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