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  1. Pete Lacey Pete Lacey

    Some things for a thing.

    over 1 year ago

  2. Elliot Jackson Elliot Jackson

    Really like these. The middle one in particular!

    over 1 year ago

  3. Haziq Mir Haziq Mir

    You were born is 1986, UK... and you have 9 fingers. GOT IT.


    over 1 year ago

  4. Aric Aric

    n i c e ! !

    over 1 year ago

  5. Joseph Alessio Joseph Alessio

    Love the diamond vibe.

    over 1 year ago

  6. So I've pushed some changes to my website after so many years.


    I've gone for something stripped back, that doesn't show 4 years out-of-date work.

    Now the interesting bit; I'm looking for some great quotes to be randomly displayed at the start. I've already got a great one there from Michael Flarup, but I'm looking for more.

    If you've got something to say about me, say it here, and I'll put it up there.

    over 1 year ago

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