Weddar iPhone App Shot1


6 Responses

  1. Catarino Catarino

    First shot.

    over 3 years ago

  2. Nuno Loureiro Nuno Loureiro

    Nice!!! still not sure about the font, but the rest is just great...

    over 3 years ago

  3. maybe something more like this....

    over 3 years ago

  4. Catarino Catarino

    this is the first screen. the main menu isn't closed yet tho.

    over 3 years ago

  5. Catarino Catarino

    anyway thanx bro ;)

    over 3 years ago

  6. Simon Gustavsson Simon Gustavsson

    I definitely liked the type very well on this one!


    over 3 years ago

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