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  1. Nicholas Hendrickx Nicholas Hendrickx

    Something new I'm trying. I hope this hasn't been done before, but it probably has...

    over 2 years ago

  2. Bethany Heck Bethany Heck

    Wow, this is really fabulous. I love how you left the subtle outlines of the shapes, even on the background. Really neat stuff!!!

    over 2 years ago

  3. Kristen Grote Kristen Grote

    I'm not gonna lie, this kind of freaks me out.


    over 2 years ago

  4. Nicholas Hendrickx Nicholas Hendrickx

    Thanks Bethany. I think I will do some other people, but the outlines of the shape sort of went blurry exporting this image. Need to tweak it.

    Haha, good to hear Kristen :P I like your bucket, I guess the correct term is 'facet' then!

    over 2 years ago

  5. David McLeod David McLeod

    Love this, hope to see some more faces!

    Is there a technique for this? Maybe over pixellate/sharpen the face from a pic and then turn it each square pixel into a triangle... tweak as necessary?

    over 2 years ago

  6. Nicholas Hendrickx Nicholas Hendrickx

    I did it all manually, but I'll see if I can find an easier way. I'll definitely do more famous people! Thanks :)

    over 2 years ago

  7. Hmmm, I think Marilyn turned out better.

    Blur your eyes and guess who it is? :)

    over 2 years ago

  8. Michael Tymbios Michael Tymbios

    Have you ever looked at Scriptographer? It is an illustrator plugin allowing you to write custom vector scripts

    over 2 years ago

  9. Nicholas Hendrickx Nicholas Hendrickx

    Ah cool, first time I heard about that

    over 2 years ago

  10. Intrigued by the polygonal mosaic works of @Ukaaa I decided to investigate how easy it would be to calculate such images algorithmically in a programming language.

    My experiments (created in Processing) resulted in a modular system in which custom polygonal shapes could be repeated to form abstract filters.

    Decided to upload a rudimentary version of the code to Github. Feel free to check it out if you want to poke around with the logic.

    over 2 years ago

  11. Alex Tass Alex Tass

    This is hot!

    about 2 years ago

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