2nd Stage Wireframing


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  1. Johan Geijer Johan Geijer

    Second stage wireframes, tried to "spice it up" a bit by adding some color which I usually dont with hand drawn wireframes..

    I think I will continue using color for my wireframes when I have time, since the result felt much more alive.


    over 2 years ago

  2. Juan Sanchez Juan Sanchez

    It's amazing what a little color can do, especially to emphasize focal points in the sketch. Dig it.


    over 2 years ago

  3. Sean Bunton Sean Bunton

    I love looking at initial wireframe sketches of apps :)
    What's the app going to do?

    The star location marker reminds me of the LiveScene marker: http://drbl.in/bfZe

    over 2 years ago

  4. Johan Geijer Johan Geijer

    wow! Yeah thats a lookalike allready :P I cant tell you what its going to do right now, but as soon as its OK I will show you guys some progress !

    over 2 years ago

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