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  1. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    Small Android Music Player project I'm working on for few days. This is the main music player screen I just played with :)

    I'm aiming for light and clean design, something that Android music players are sadly still missing.

    What do you think?:)
    Will share other screens soon.

    Check the attachment for bigger preview


    about 1 month ago

  2. Jag Bhachu Jag Bhachu

    Like the track bar running right across the screen as it also serves as a divider. Nice work.


    about 1 month ago

  3. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    @Jag Bhachu thank you:) little detail, but makes a lot of difference

    about 1 month ago

  4. Daniel Aláez Daniel Aláez

    Like it!

    Is it necessary to have a back button at the top, having another one in the navigation?


    about 1 month ago

  5. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    @Daniel Aláez thanks!
    That's the only thing I'm not settled on yet, but it should probably be here for better navigation. There might be another icon on the right side thought, so it won't look alone:)

    about 1 month ago

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