Gowalla Stamps

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  1. Matt McDaniel Matt McDaniel

    I applied at Gowalla back in 2010 and did some stamps to show how super crazy into-it motivated I was. They never got back to me.

    These are the Pennybacker Bridge, Uchi, and the original P Terry's burger stand here in Austin.


    2 months ago

  2. Drew Yeaton Drew Yeaton

    Ex-Gowalla UI designer here—

    From what I remember we were looking for illustrators with a distinctive style that was similar to the hundreds of stamps that @iconmaster and @AlanDefibaugh had done. Specifically, the stamps at the time were essentially high resolution pixel art, most of which didn't rely on perspective or dimension. That's probably why your submissions were overlooked.

    I know we got tons of submissions from a lot of great illustrators, and I can't remember any others besides Alan that were hired.

    Anyway, that was a long time ago now. :)


    about 1 month ago

  3. Matt McDaniel Matt McDaniel

    @Drew Yeaton

    Yeah I worked with @Alan briefly and he's obviously great.

    Thanks for the response, man!

    PS. I still like that Uchi one (ಥ﹏ಥ)


    about 1 month ago

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