Workspace Tablet Mock-up: Hipster Cafe

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  1. Ξrigon Ξrigon

    Another one from the same series. Check out the larger view in the attachment.

    More info here.

    2 months ago

  2. Dominic L. Dominic L.

    Lovely bro :)


    2 months ago

  3. Visualia  ⚒ Visualia ⚒

    Fantastic things, exactly what I'm looking for! Can you do the same with BIG ipad and iPhone 5S?


    2 months ago

  4. Ξrigon Ξrigon

    @Visualia Thanks a lot! I was thinking the same before releasing the item. I already made an iPhone 5s mock-up, but it look kind of strange, because of the smaller size. Anyways that option is open, so there might be an update with other devices.

    2 months ago

  5. harwen harwen


    2 months ago

  6. UltraLinx UltraLinx

    The lighting for the coffee is off. It should be coming from the top, but it's coming from the left. :P

    2 months ago

  7. Martin Gorol Martin Gorol

    I love it!

    2 months ago

  8. Mantas Kuginis Mantas Kuginis

    veri nice

    2 months ago

  9. Alex Marin Alex Marin


    about 1 month ago

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