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  1. Sean Blake Sean Blake

    Why? Cuz.


    2 months ago

  2. Sam Mularczyk Sam Mularczyk

    Loving the squircle.


    2 months ago

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  8. A rebound from Elegantly Crafted...from Mars!

    2 months ago

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  12. Isaac Gray Isaac Gray

    I'm digging this playoff!

    @Sean Blake, how did you nail the squircle (to borrow @Sam Mularczyk's term)? Took me quite a few tries to get the little side bulge happening, but never managed to nail it with the tight corner radius like yours. Illustrator?


    2 months ago

  13. Really digging this playoff and couldn't resist getting in on the action and showing a little love for my hometown.

    2 months ago

  14. Sean Blake Sean Blake

    @Isaac Gray the Squircle came from an AI file a co worker sent me. I just used that as a base, and designed inside from there. I'll send the ai file ur way if u want it!


    2 months ago

  15. 2 months ago

  16. Isaac Gray Isaac Gray

    @Sean Blake That would be awesome. hello@isaacgray.me Thanks!

    2 months ago

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  18. 2 months ago

  19. Sean Blake Sean Blake

    Steven beat u to the punch @Jisi Guo!

    2 months ago

  20. Thanks for the draft D Co-captains!

    This is my school in Manila. I know I have to take a crack of this before it becomes too late.

    2 months ago

  21. 2 months ago

  22. And what wonderful weather we're having there too !
    This is my first rebound. Thanks !

    2 months ago

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  24. 2 months ago

  25. First playoff shot.

    Saw @Sean Blake's original and had to represent my city. One of the city's symbols are the yellow trams roaming around the city, a thing that we have in common with the San Francisco too. Plus we have a bridge that is very similar to the San Francisco one.


    2 months ago

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