BT monogram

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  1. Pieter Goris Pieter Goris

    A monogram I made for a start up company with B-T in it's name.
    Not sure yet if it's gonna be used or not.

    All feedback is more then welcome :)
    Thanks guys.

    2 months ago

  2. Andrei Dumitrescu Andrei Dumitrescu

    Looks really good but I don't know why it reminds of "beats by dre". Maybe if you use another colour?


    2 months ago

  3. Pieter Goris Pieter Goris

    Hi @Andrei Dumitrescu. Thanks for your feedback.
    It might be the color yes. I believe it's very similar.
    We're still in the process of experimenting with logo's and font's so it might not be used overall.

    But your feedback is much appreciated!

    2 months ago

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