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  1. Salomon Aurélien Salomon Aurélien

    This an idea of a simple task app.

    Yes another one, but i don’t find one that suits me.

    So Here we go :

    ✔ Like Any.Do, you have four categories: Today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday. (I like for this feature)

    ✔ I love to have better visual recognition. Each lists (work, home etc...) have a color, and each task would have an icon, automatically added. For each icons, the app would remind tags. For instance, « buy », « shopping », « shop » would be the tags of a cart icon for instance.

    ✔ You day is like a timeline. By removing an orb form the timeline, it removes the task.

    ✔ I always get bored of every apps, so i would love that the header photo change everyday, so you have a little surprise everyday.

    ✔ I would love to develop it, but i already have designed and developed this one, and it really takes too much time alone. So if you are interested, tell me. This app would be simpler to develop.

    ✔ When clicking the app, you would have some quick actions : call/message,go etc…

    Comments, feedback, likes and follow are welcome

    Have a nice day :)


    Also take a look at my iPhone app

    4 months ago

  2. Chris Whalen Chris Whalen

    Nice design. What iPhone template where you using for your presentation? Also what's the best way to display an entire iPhone app w/ multipule screenshots?


    4 months ago

  3. Salomon Aurélien Salomon Aurélien

    @Chris Whalen You can find the template on :)

    4 months ago

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