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  1. Aykut Yılmaz Aykut Yılmaz

    We recently released our latest WordPress theme on ThemeForest. We believe its the ultimate newspaper theme, what do you think?

    Check out the demo here:

    and get your copy on ThemeForest:


    4 months ago

  2. Aykut Yılmaz Aykut Yılmaz

    Thanks for coding @Ant Ekşiler

    4 months ago

  3. Ant Ekşiler Ant Ekşiler

    Thanks for the mention @Aykut Yılmaz

    It was a lovely design and I did my best to bring it to life :)

    4 months ago

  4. Karol Ortyl Karol Ortyl

    That's perfect! It is exactly the style I love. Well done :)

    4 months ago

  5. Olia Gozha Olia Gozha

    Great work! It seems to be very user-friendly. Like how clean and harmonic it is

    4 months ago

  6. Aykut Yılmaz Aykut Yılmaz

    Thanks for nice comments :) @Karol Ortyl @Olia Gozha

    4 months ago

  7. Cameron Lloyd Cameron Lloyd

    Hmm.. This is possibly the best content driven site I have ever seen... Shits all over usatoday.com - Amazing. Now I need to come up with ideas just to use this baby.

    4 months ago

  8. Nguyen Le Nguyen Le

    Dude this is sick. The demo site is fantastic - love all the nifty drag interactions. Great work @Aykut Yılmaz and @Ant Ekşiler!

    4 months ago

  9. Ant Ekşiler Ant Ekşiler

    Thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated!

    4 months ago

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