Foehn & Hirsch Identity

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  1. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Revised design for Foehn & Hirsch. A custom ampersand with a little 'nick' at the bottom of the ampersand, left of the foot. Just a small detail.

    about 4 years ago

  2. David Perel David Perel

    This is looking lovely Graham. I really like the simplicity of the logo and the logo mark is solid. Nice stuff.

    about 4 years ago

  3. Kristian Hjelle Kristian Hjelle

    So neat! Simple, effective and very, very good looking!

    about 4 years ago

  4. Kevin Rapley Kevin Rapley

    Solid design. The weighting towards the bottom of the boxed F&H is great. Elegant custom ampersand with some nice features. Out of interest, what did you base the spacing on between the F&H lettering and the edge of the box?

    about 4 years ago

  5. Kyee Kyee

    I like this.

    about 4 years ago

  6. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Kevin : The spacing is double the width of the font weight as a rule. So the space from the outer edge of the 'h' is the same as the spacing between edge of box and 'F'. If that makes sense. :)

    about 4 years ago

  7. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    By the way, the font of the wording is based on Effra Bold by Dalton Maag. Dare I say, a font I like more than Helvetica and more elegant that Gotham.

    about 4 years ago

  8. Henry Moran Henry Moran

    Wow. Simply gorgeous. Great stuff Graham.

    about 4 years ago

  9. Jake Przespo Jake Przespo

    Looks great Graham. Very professional. I also like the alignment with the black box. Nice work.

    about 4 years ago

  10. Dean Hudson Dean Hudson

    Classy design Graham. This turned out really well

    about 4 years ago

  11. Pete Lacey Pete Lacey

    Proof that simple can be stunning. Really good work on this one.

    about 4 years ago

  12. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Amazed at the positive feedback so far... really chuffed to see. Just awaiting for the ideas to be approved from 'the' management.

    about 4 years ago

  13. Dan Davies Dan Davies

    You always seem to make logo design look easy. Damn you and your skills.

    about 4 years ago

  14. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Finally got board approval for this rebrand. So very happy.


    about 4 years ago

  15. Stelian Vasile Stelian Vasile

    This is inspirational, to say the least.

    almost 3 years ago

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