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  1. Tomasz Kucharski Tomasz Kucharski

    List of the participants has been closed and the winners will be announced in few hours.

    I’m happy to give away 2 dribbble invites for the winners of this competition.

    Im my first contest I’ve chosen the winner based on submitted portfolios, this time however the winners will be chosen based on dribbble shots propositions.

    If you are interested to take a part in this competition choose your best artwork and create a dribbble shot with following dimensions – W:400px × H:300px and then follow the steps below:

    1. Follow either Qchar Design on twitter (https://twitter.com/qchardesign), or Tomasz Kucharski on Google+ (https://plus.google.com/u/0/+TomaszKucharski/posts),

    2. Send me a link to your dribbble shot proposition for this contest.

    3*. If you are already a prospect on dribbble, please send me also the link to your profile in the mail.
    If you are not a prospect yet, sign up here as a prospect first to take part in this contest.

    4. Tweet this shot or tweet the text below:

    Dribbble invite giveaway by Tomasz Kucharski. Click here goo.gl/pNTtjF for more details. @qchardesign #dribbbleinvite #dribbble

    or share this shot on Google+.

    Participants list:

    - MW van der Walt http://dribbble.com/MW_Stands_For
    - Irani Sangham http://dribbble.com/inari
    - SwayArt http://dribbble.com/SwayArt
    - Julian Lloyd http://dribbble.com/julianlloyd
    - Mariel Yonnadam http://dribbble.com/mxy
    - Natanel Niazoff http://dribbble.com/niazoff
    - O.Turabe http://dribbble.com/Turabe
    - Shyamal http://dribbble.com/dharshyamal
    - Gonçalo Espinha http://dribbble.com/GEspinha
    - Probel http://dribbble.com/Probel
    - Ahmed Barakat http://dribbble.com/ahmedbarakat
    - Perfect Vectors http://dribbble.com/PerfectVectors
    - eli azee http://dribbble.com/azee
    - JTho2g http://dribbble.com/jtho2g
    - Meghan Kuntz http://dribbble.com/MeghanKuntz
    - Maxim Bazhanov http://dribbble.com/maximbazhanov
    - Nemanja Balac http://dribbble.com/nemos
    - Imtiaz Ahmed Qazi http://dribbble.com/ikazi1
    - Hannes Wizany http://dribbble.com/HannesWizany
    - Nicole Love http://dribbble.com/nicolelove.designer
    - Jonni Rosa http://dribbble.com/jonnirosa
    - ChrisGraphiX http://dribbble.com/ChrisGraphiX
    - Kaitlin Draper http://dribbble.com/kaitlinDRAPER
    - bruno http://dribbble.com/sogno
    - Dima Skvarskyi http://dribbble.com/DSkvar
    - Kendra Hobbs http://dribbble.com/kendrahobbs
    - Ochkarik http://dribbble.com/four-eyes
    - Guido Frascadore http://dribbble.com/guidofrascadore
    - Anselm Urban http://dribbble.com/anselm_urban
    - Peter http://dribbble.com/petuhjeon
    - Nata Dvoretskaya http://dribbble.com/laxmat


    5 months ago

  2. Tomasz Kucharski Tomasz Kucharski

    Thank you all for participating. It was not easy to choose the winners and it took my a while to decide. However it has been decided and the winners of my second dribbble invite contest are:

    MW van der Walt http://dribbble.com/MW_Stands_For
    O.Turabe http://dribbble.com/Turabe

    Welcome to the game Guys!

    5 months ago

  3. O.Turabe O.Turabe

    Thank you Tomasz Kucharski! I really appreciate it.

    5 months ago

  4. Tomasz Kucharski Tomasz Kucharski

    You're welcome :)

    5 months ago

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