Oak App Icon (Final)

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  1. Louie Mantia Louie Mantia

    Just finished with a visual refresh of the app Oak (including this app icon) with Caleb Thorson, which we just submitted to the App Store! Now we all wait patiently for the update to be approved. ^_^


    5 months ago

  2. Graham Hall Graham Hall

    Great icon. Also, really looking forward to this update, I play way too much Pokémon to be healthy.

    5 months ago

  3. Roy Soetantio ッ Roy Soetantio ッ

    I knew it was pokeball when I saw this, gotta check this app out ! great icon btw !

    5 months ago

  4. Henri Liriani Henri Liriani


    5 months ago

  5. Max Litvin Max Litvin

    IRON MAN 4 :D


    5 months ago

  6. Ali Akbar Ali Akbar


    5 months ago

  7. Waly Kerkeboom Waly Kerkeboom

    @Roy Soetantio ッ It's actually the X/Y Pokédex, but Pokéball also works, I guess!

    Anyway, great stuff, Louie!

    5 months ago

  8. Rudy Chidiac Rudy Chidiac

    It looks so heavy

    4 months ago

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