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  1. Derrick Castle Derrick Castle

    Its been a while since I've posted. Been super busy with project work but had time to fit in a new block print design.

    "Visit Nashville Today" is an original hand carved, hand printed block print. You think you know Nashville? Unless you've been here and seen it through the eyes of a native, you haven't experienced the real Nashville. This print was inspired by the real music scene you will find in the Nashville underground.

    Make sure to check out my blog post detailing the process start to finish with a short process video as well as still photos.


    5 months ago

  2. Saxon Campbell Saxon Campbell

    Looks great! Inspired! I want to do a new woodblock. Haven't done one since college.

    5 months ago

  3. Dino Henderson Dino Henderson


    5 months ago

  4. Dustin Boyd Dustin Boyd

    Love the shirt. :b Great project!

    5 months ago

  5. Mariusz Ciesla Mariusz Ciesla

    Great work.

    5 months ago

  6. Jake Fleming Jake Fleming

    so cool Derrick!

    5 months ago

  7. Micah Jones Micah Jones

    Dude, great work. Nashville represent.


    5 months ago

  8. Brandon Lyon Brandon Lyon

    Lived in and outside of Nashville for about 5 years. Still one of my favorite places. Love this block print.

    5 months ago

  9. Derrick Castle Derrick Castle

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the compliments! I was super excited with how this print turned out!

    5 months ago

  10. Ali Akbar Ali Akbar


    5 months ago

  11. Michelle Oros Michelle Oros

    @Derrick Castle

    First of all, I love your work. The line quality is awesome—Bravo!

    I have a question regarding what kind of ink you use. I noticed in the videos it looks like it's in a tube. I'm only familiar with the traditional letterpress/block printing ink that comes in a pot. Just curious!

    Thank you!

    5 months ago

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