Memsight - Hackathon Logo

5 Responses

  1. Nabil Kazerouni Nabil Kazerouni

    Logo for eye-tracking software being developed at the Launch Hackathon in San Francisco.

    5 months ago

  2. Keith Sample Keith Sample

    Awesome colours I dunno if it's me but the kerning between the first M and E looks a bit looser than the following M.

    5 months ago

  3. Magda Gogolewska Magda Gogolewska

    Eye is awesome!:)

    5 months ago

  4. Nabil Kazerouni Nabil Kazerouni

    @Keith Sample Good eye! Thanks
    @Magda Gogolewska Your eye is awesome!


    5 months ago

  5. Ben Lee Ben Lee

    Really digging this style.

    5 months ago

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