Logo Process


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  1. Marco Sousa Marco Sousa

    Just a quick and dirty process .gif from the logo I have been playing with. This is not the sort of thing I usually do, making it a fun process with lots of things to learn and improve upon.

    6 months ago

  2. Steffen Nørgaard Andersen Steffen Nørgaard Andersen

    Nice outcome :)

    6 months ago

  3. Iris Iris

    Logo is great but gif making needs more work :D bjs

    6 months ago

  4. Marco Sousa Marco Sousa

    @Iris Eda Atalay thanks :D

    6 months ago

  5. Samuel Couto Samuel Couto

    Overall looks cool, I like the handscript style, but I can't help to see a "Q" shape wrapping arround the whole thing. Was that what you were going for @Marco?

    I also did a Logo process thingy a couple days ago you should check out -> http://drbl.in/jkbQ


    5 months ago

  6. Marco Sousa Marco Sousa

    @Samuel Couto i was blind to the "Q" but it's a perfect one!

    5 months ago

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