Contract Designer:Foxorion:[Opening Promo]


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  1. Adam Borchardt Adam Borchardt

    Watch the full video with Sound Here:

    6 months ago

  2. Adam Borchardt Adam Borchardt

    I am a Design Development Professional offering my services to the world of dreamers and fellow design teams. I can break down, analyze, deduce and produce masterful works of art or engineering, video or design, or complex artistic directions that are always unique, on point, and at the cutting edge of technology&capability. I am an architecture graduate from the University of Washington & my business Foxorion™ is from the fruits of my labors of working in the destination design and diversified concept design industry over the past 7+years. So shoot me a budding idea, a rare opportunity, an email, shoot send me an inquiry. My design appetite can't be quenched and my breadth cant be contained. Furthermore for those interested, I have a full-personally made webpage at

    6 months ago

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