Hourly Grid

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  1. David Yeiser David Yeiser

    Trying to figure out a way to display hourly data. I want the data to be easy to parse quickly and helpful.

    Feedback, criticisms, etc. encouraged.

    7 months ago

  2. David Yeiser David Yeiser

    A challenge is the hour by hour information doesn't change that much sequentially. Therefore it's not that interesting.

    To quote The Information:

    “The more inherent order exists in a sample ... the more predictability there is, and ... the less information is conveyed by each subsequent [item].”

    (This was from Claude Shannon's work on information theory.)

    However, a very real use case is a person wants to see what the weather conditions will be like around a certain hour of the day.

    A lot of apps use graphs but I think that fails the objective of being easy to parse quickly. You have to do some work to get a specific value from a graph.

    I've thought about combining icon states and temperatures to create ranges throughout the day but I also must be cognizant of my programming skills :)

    6 months ago

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