iOS7 App Update

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  1. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    Small iOS7 update with new unified bar, new icons and whole lot of other small improvements. Previous version was planned to be released before iOS7, but it finally looks like it's going to be out soon. Happy to have full iOS7 version.

    Thoughts? How do you like iOS7 so far?:)

    Bigger preview available here or check the project here

    I'm also on Behance and Twitter or check my recently updated website.

    7 months ago

  2. Viktor Hanáček Viktor Hanáček

    Just quick note, why are there mixed flat elemetns with non-flat elements? I think iOS7 doesn't use shadows, realistic buttons etc. :)

    7 months ago

  3. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    @Viktor Hanáček It actually does at few places, it just isn't so obvious at first look, but yes this isn't completely flat, still a bit of mixture of both stylings, some shadows and small gradients - nothing on buttons thought. Not a bad thing, but I agree that it could be more flat.

    7 months ago

  4. Álvaro Bernal Álvaro Bernal

    Where is the gaussian effect? :O

    7 months ago

  5. Michael Dolejš Michael Dolejš

    @Álvaro Bernal does it have to have it?

    7 months ago

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