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  1. Cat Noone Cat Noone

    Here's the community page for an app I've been working on for Shindig. We're currently working on a nice redesign.

    Screen 1 on the Left - Only one tip that a user has left and it prompts you to leave a tip if you can or want. This prompt will appear even if there are no tips present.

    Screen 2 - Two tips present, obviously.

    Will probably be changing the pictos on the buttons so they have the same treatment as the typography on there, and play around with some of the elements some more.

    Currently a WIP but feel free to ask any questions and give feedback - enjoy :)

    7 months ago


    Maybe the find icon could be a little smaller. Well, I love small icons personally.

    7 months ago

  3. Jeffrey Jorgensen Jeffrey Jorgensen

    Looking good Cat!

    I've got a couple nitpicks - your icons could be a bit more consistent (some are outlines, while others are solid) and the timestamps could use some more contrast, especially since it's mobile. Might double-check your spacing and gutters in some places (like the tags) also.

    Otherwise, loving the color palette and playful feel of this - without knowing much about the brand it definitely says Shindig ;)

    Hope you're enjoying Germany!


    7 months ago

  4. Cat Noone Cat Noone

    @Jeffrey all valid points. I totally didnt keep that in mind in terms of the icons. As for the spacing and gutters, I'll double check all of that. Thanks so much!



    7 months ago

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