Persona Maker

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  1. Adriano Trenahi Adriano Trenahi

    In the past days, I've been working with Renan Cammarosano (@beikbeik) on an app for iPad that will help designers and innovators when they are creating personas. More information and link to download soon.

    7 months ago

  2. Robin Liendeborg Robin Liendeborg

    Have you finished this project? I'm interested to test it for some personas I'm working on. :)

    6 months ago

  3. Adriano Trenahi Adriano Trenahi

    @Robin Liendeborg Hello Robin! Yes, I have.

    To download, just follow this link: although, we are fixing some bugs, in a new update on the next few days.

    If the app worked well for you, tell me about how was your experience using it.


    6 months ago

  4. Robin Liendeborg Robin Liendeborg

    Awesome, I will test it right away! Will give you feedback aswell. :)


    6 months ago

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