iOS7 App Icon Template (.AI)

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  1. Carol Lee Carol Lee

    I came across many iOS7 templates but I couldn't find one that was for Illustrator so I decided to make my own inspired by this great .psd template by Michael Flarup.

    You can view a larger preview here.
    Download template


    7 months ago

  2. aroon aroon

    Nice and thanks for sharing !!

    7 months ago

  3. Kim Ruelo Kim Ruelo

    Now THIS is how you use Illustrator! Thanks Carol!

    7 months ago

  4. Justin Graham Justin Graham

    awesome thanks for sharing! :)

    7 months ago

  5. Adam Mann Adam Mann

    Thank you so much! AI FTW

    7 months ago

  6. Chad Kaufman Chad Kaufman

    This is freaking brilliant! I love the replication with the symbols, very smart.

    6 months ago

  7. Linda Gavin Linda Gavin

    Super thanks! I love it!

    6 months ago

  8. Moin Ahmad Moin Ahmad

    This is super useful, thank you!

    6 months ago

  9. Ffred Ffred

    very useful, looks great too.
    well done and thanks!

    6 months ago

  10. Kalin Milanov Kalin Milanov

    Thanks a gazillion!

    4 months ago

  11. Dmitri Litvinov Dmitri Litvinov

    Thank you, you're awesome.

    3 months ago

  12. Pourio Lee Pourio Lee


    3 months ago

  13. Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

    Thanks a ton for sharing this! It's awesomesauce!

    3 months ago

  14. Petshopbox Petshopbox

    Thank you Carol, this is super handy!

    22 days ago

  15. Jamie Reynolds Jamie Reynolds

    Wow. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    22 days ago

  16. Daniil Daniil


    5 days ago

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