Dribbble Monster Invite

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  1. Evelina Hiiri Evelina Hiiri

    It´t trippple Dribbble Invite time!

    The rules of the game are simple.
    1. Have your Dribbble profile ready with link to your portfolio, personal info, etc ..
    2. Follow me here on Dribbble (and twitter if you like)
    3. Thats it.

    My little Dribbble monster will then take a look on each Dribbble Prospect that is following me. Then visit your linked portfolio that you should have linked to on your Dribbble profile page and give away the invites to 3 lucky people.

    Good luck!


    8 months ago

  2. Francisco - drizzz Francisco - drizzz

    Thank you so much Evelina :)

    7 months ago

  3. Evelina Hiiri Evelina Hiiri

    @Francisco - drizzz You're welcome.

    7 months ago

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