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This shot is a Rebound of...


by Joe Horacek

4 Responses

  1. Joe Horacek Joe Horacek

    New illustration for a Little Mountain product. But don't worry, we're open more often than not.

    8 months ago

  2. Well, there's always two sides of a story.

    Individually hand cut, painted and screen printed on a 1/4 inch hard board. Measuring 10 1/2" wide & 7" tall using Deep Red, water base ink.

    8 months ago

  3. Gary Holmes Gary Holmes

    So great Joe, just ordered one of these. Appreciate the reasonable price + shipping.


    8 months ago

  4. Joe Horacek Joe Horacek

    I saw that! It'll be heading your way shortly. Hope it finds you well.

    8 months ago

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