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  1. Alex Deruette Alex Deruette

    Doing some progress on the music app i'm working on. The left view is a transparent layer coming on top of the one on the left. It works as a player that would generate a playlist depending on the weather, the location and the time when the current playlist is disabled.

    The right view is the bottom layer that contains all the handpicked playlists.

    @Ralston that's an update from the previous shot. Told you i would keep you posted ;)

    Any feedblack ?

    8 months ago

  2. Ralston (of Thinkory) Ralston (of Thinkory)

    Ha, thanks, man. Keep them coming. It's awesome to see the evolution of a great idea.

    So the view on the left looks like the user's 'now playing' view. Am I right? And do they get to it by tapping or swiping up on the circle at the bottom of the list view on the right? If so, very cool. I dig that.

    My concern, though, is that the 'now playing' button at the bottom of the list view imposes upon the vertical scroll area of the list. Users may have to consciously aim and swipe around that circle when they want to browse the contents of their Playlist, Favourites or History lists—potentially, occasionally and accidentally hitting the 'now playing' circle and disrupting their browsing experience.

    Do you think there's a potential for that?

    8 months ago

  3. Alex Deruette Alex Deruette

    Yep that was one of my concerns as well for the vertical swipe and i agree it can disrupt the experience. Will need to do some user testing and see if it's an actual problem. If so, i'll probably move it to the bottom left corner just like Twitter Music do.

    Thanks for your quality feedback man, i'll be working on it today so will keep you posted soon !

    Have a great day


    8 months ago

  4. Ralston (of Thinkory) Ralston (of Thinkory)

    Looking forward to it, bro. Good stuff.

    8 months ago

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