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  1. Jamie Koala Jamie Koala

    Originally I sketched this piece up for a bands t-shirt design but in between waiting for them to confirm or decline the concept I couldn't help but start a creepy more impressionistic painted version!

    I already had a canvas texture painted up with a creepy binary code phrase painted into the background which seemed like a match made in heaven with this eerie concept! So hopefully the finished painting does the original sketch (and the possible t-shirt illustration piece) some justice! Work in progress...

    8 months ago

  2. Kevin Burgess Kevin Burgess

    Looks good, Jamie


    8 months ago

  3. I finished up this personal project today. The full piece will be for sale and premier at Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. Prints for sale soon at my website KoalaArtAndDesign.com!

    20x30 Acrylic Paint

    My favorite Easter egg part of the piece is the binary code in the background texture that says "The devil has put penalty on all things we relish in life".

    8 months ago

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