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  1. Shad Romero Shad Romero

    Inspired by Bob Gill’s “Design as Idea” here

    Gill says, “The hardest thing is not to be influenced by the Culture, which tells everyone how good design is supposed to look. As everyone is given the same preconceptions about what’s hot and trendy, how can they do original work? Unless they ignore the Culture, they can’t.”


    After watching his video I thought about putting together a personal inspirational site that explores the concepts of originality. Will be uploading more updates soon. Should be fun!


    8 months ago

  2. Hemant Hemant

    @Shad Romero Love it :)


    8 months ago

  3. Shad Romero Shad Romero

    Thanks @Hemant love your work btw. Cheers!


    8 months ago

  4. Chingiz Adilov Chingiz Adilov

    cool !

    6 months ago

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