Travel Mastermind


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  1. Rich Dellinger Rich Dellinger

    I had a mini/travel version of Mastermind when I was a kid. This is a work in progress on a software representation of that game.

    about 4 years ago

  2. Bryan Cinman Bryan Cinman

    Ah, the memories. Looks great!

    about 4 years ago

  3. Sandro Pennisi Sandro Pennisi

    looks slick, i love the details and the realism... great stuff!

    about 4 years ago

  4. Brandon Walkin Brandon Walkin


    about 4 years ago

  5. Jonno Riekwel Jonno Riekwel

    If this for the iPad; I will hug you.

    about 4 years ago

  6. Tim Print Tim Print

    I used to play this all the time. Looks Great.

    about 4 years ago

  7. Thomas Maier Thomas Maier

    An eye candy!

    about 4 years ago

  8. Darren Geraghty Darren Geraghty

    This is insanely beautiful - that beveled wood is genius.

    about 4 years ago

  9. Paul Annett Paul Annett

    Love the textured scratchy attention to detail! I had this too :-)

    about 4 years ago

  10. Tommy Vad Flaaten Tommy Vad Flaaten

    The only way you can make this better is by un-cropping it. :)

    about 4 years ago

  11. Brad Dielman Brad Dielman

    I loved this game. Can't wait to see this. :)

    about 4 years ago

  12. Alvin Thong Alvin Thong

    this is awesome stuff

    about 4 years ago

  13. Michaël Betsch Michaël Betsch

    That texture is perfect !

    about 4 years ago

  14. Adam Polselli Adam Polselli

    This. Is. So. Good.

    about 4 years ago

  15. Markus Vad Flaaten Markus Vad Flaaten

    This. Is. So. Good.
    That texture is perfect!
    This is awesome stuff
    (What they said)

    about 4 years ago

  16. Allan Reyes Allan Reyes

    Really nice!

    about 4 years ago

  17. imPekable imPekable

    I used to play this when I was a kid. This is insanely awesome. Thank you thank you thank you

    almost 4 years ago

  18. Yowan Langlais Yowan Langlais

    Nice texture! I used to play this game a lot as a kid too ;P

    over 3 years ago

  19. Tyler Murphy Tyler Murphy

    Has anything become of this? I loved Mastermind. I would bring one of those little brown plastic pattern-shield things around with me and stand it up on the iPad if need be to hide my pattern :P

    about 2 years ago

  20. David Hariri David Hariri

    Did this ever get made? I'm going to begin making a more challenging multiplayer port for the iPhone.

    7 months ago

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